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Plastic scintillators laboratory

Together with development of the detector new scintillating materials of properties desired for digital PET are designed, synthesised and investigated with the aim of developing plastic scintillators with better light output and timing properties than those comercialy available. The novelty of the concept of the J-PET scintillator lies in application of the 2-(4-styrylphenyl)benzoxazole as a wavelength shifter. The substance has not been used as scintillator dopant before. A dopant shifts the scintillation spectrum towards longer wavelengths making it more suitable for applications in long scintillator strips and light detection with digital silicon photomultipliers.



Left and middle: The polymerization of the scintillating mixture in conducted in the furnace. It leads to a scintillating material in the form of a strip. The furnace chamber enables a uniform temperature distribution in the whole volume. Precise temperature control (1°C) and programming the whole temperature cycle are possible as well. Right: The photograph of the J-PET scintillator in UV light. The scintillating material is optically homogeneous and does not contain any defects.

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