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12th November 2020 - International Day of Medical Physics

The event has been celebrated since 2013 on the initiative of the International Organization of Medical Physics, aims to promote issues related to medical physics. It was established on November 7, in honor of Maria Skłodowska-Curie, an outstanding physicist and chemist.

This year, on November 12, AGH is organizing, as every year, an event called "Medical Physicist as a Health Professional".

During the event, which will take place on-line, lectures by prof. Ewa Stępień and prof. Paweł Moskal, devoted to the use of the unique full-body PET (J-PET) imaging technology for preclinical and clinical research, will be given.

Here you can participate in the event on the MS Teams platform

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5th April 2020 - Workshops organized for diploma and PhD students

A list of lectures for diploma and PhD students from the first and second year in the Department of Experimental Particle Physics and Applications, organized via teleconference as a chance to acquire knowledge which will be useful in their research in these strange times:

  1. Dr. Kacper Topolnicki (from Cracow), the course on how to use Mathematica;
  2. Dr. Oleksandr Rundel (from Kijev, Ukraine), the course on basics of C++ programming;
  3. Dr. Magdalena Skurzok (from Frascati, Italy), the course on Relativistic Kinematics.

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14th October 2019 - The Cross of Merit was awarded to professor Moskal

During the National Education Day celebration at Jagiellonian University professor Paweł Moskal received the Silver Cross of Merit awarded by the president of Poland.

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