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The Cluster of Nuclear Physics Departments

Copyright Krzysztof Magda (2019)

Copyright Krzysztof Magda (2019)

The Cluster of Nuclear Physics Departments was established in 2017 from the former Department of Nuclear Physics at the Institute of Physics of the Jagiellonian University. It associates three scientific departments conducting research in the field of nuclear physics, particle physics and their applications in medicine and public safety. Research projects carried out in the Cluster concern:

  • tests of fundamental symmetries of nature and quantum entanglement in the decays of mesons and positronium atoms,

  • studies on few-nucleon systems,

  • structure, interaction and spectroscopy of hadrons and heavy ions,

  • studies on the atomic processes occurring in strongly ionized, heavy ions,

  • searching for new particles and exotic forms of nuclear matter,

  • construction of radiation detection systems and data acquisition systems,

  • analysis of large data sets and computer simulations.

The Cluster of Nuclear Physics Departments conducts also application research, mainly in the field of development of medical diagnostic methods, proton and neutron beam therapies, radioisotope production and detection of hazardous materials.

The cluster members conduct research in cooperation with leading research centers in Poland, Europe (FAIR, INPN Frascati), USA and Japan.

Contact Information

Address: ul. prof. St. Łojasiewicza 11, 30-348 Kraków

Phone: (+48 12) 664 4572

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