2020-04-05 Workshops organized for diploma and Ph.D. students

A list of lectures for diploma and Ph.D. students from the first and second year in the Department of Experimental Particle Physics and Applications, organized via teleconference as a chance to acquire knowledge which will be useful in their research in these strange times:
1. Dr. Kacper Topolnicki (from Cracow), the course on how to use Mathematica;
2. Dr. Oleksandr Rundel (from Kijev, Ukraine), the course on basics of C++ programming;
3. Dr. Magdalena Skurzok (from Frascati, Italy), the course on Relativistic Kinematics.

2019-10-14 The Cross of Merit was awarded to professor Moskal

During the National Education Day celebration at Jagiellonian University professor Paweł Moskal received the Silver Cross of Merit awarded by the president of Poland.

2019-10-01 J-PET laboratory opening ceremony

The official opening of the J-PET laboratory took place on October 1st, 2019. The ceremony was recognized in the TV, radio, in press and by the Polish Press Agency.